Northern Ireland Tractor Dealers R Kennedy recommend that you tractor is serviced regularly which keeps it on the road and you on the farm. Our professional technicians have all the tools and equipment to give your tractor the once over and stop any potential problems in their tracks before it causes you time and money.


R Kennedy are official New Holland dealers and are equipped to service New Holland tractors and machinery. We also can service other brands of tractor and machinery and because of our good relationship with part suppliers we will be able to get any parts or repairs that you need done as quickly as we can.

A tractor service includes basics like checking the engine oil, changing filters, spark plugs, coolant and checking the tractor battery. Our high tech machinery and equipment allows us to check other, more complex, parts of your tractor or machinery giving you the peace of mind that everything is safe and in good working order. The last thing that you want is have a tractor off the road for an extended amount of time because you have missed a service or two. We at R. Kennedy recommend that you calling with us in either Ballymena or Ballynahinch and let our staff service you tractor.
Ballymena T: 028 2565 5336
Ballynahinch T: 028 9756 2595


Tractor Service – Northern Ireland