The Ballymena branch or R. Kennedy can service you tractor and keep it roadworthy. A broken down tractor can cause all sorts of trouble on a busy farm, and can lead to loss of earnings. Farming is a busy profession and having one of your fleet off the road for too long could be a disaster.

Photo Credit: EmerandSam; Creative Commons
Photo Credit: EmerandSam; Creative Commons

R. Kennedy recommend that if your tractor has never been serviced then book it in with our experienced technicians who can give it a once over. This means that you will be sure that your tractor is road worthy and it will put your mind to rest. Our technicians might not find anything wrong or they may pick up an underlying problem which left unchecked may have cost you time and money.

R. Kennedy are committed to providing excellent customer experience whether you are buying a new or used product, buying replacement parts or having your existing product serviced. We work hard to make sure that your tractor is back on the farm as soon as possible and you can get on with the job you love – farming.

Call your local R Kennedy branch in either Ballymena or Ballynahinch, Northern Ireland to arrnge for your tractor to be serviced on

Ballymena T: 028 2565 5336

Ballynahinch T: 028 9756 2595