At R Kennedy we often check tractor tyre pressure for New Holland tractors and others which are being serviced. The tyre pressure in your tractor tyres can effect many aspects of your driving. If your tractor tyre pressure is incorrect you could be leaving yourself open to various risks.

Photo Credit: Kelly Sikkema; Creative Commons
Photo Credit: Kelly Sikkema; Creative Commons

New Holland recommends that tyre pressure and wear is monitored including checking pressure and tyre tread regularly as part of your routine maintenance. Services carried out at R Kennedy will ensure that you are driving in tyres which are at the correct pressure and avoid risks.

If your tyre pressure is too high you are at risk of;

  • Increased soil compaction
  • Increase rut formation
  • Excessive spin
  • Fast, irregular wear on roads
  • High risk of major tyre tread damage (removing of trad blocks)
  • Uncomfortable ride

& If you are driving on tyres with a low tyre pressure;

  • Risk for tyre casing durability
  • Rotation on the wheel rim
  • Irregular wear on sealed surfaces
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Vehicle instability

Click here to visit Michelinag for more information. Call us here at R Kennedy to arrange for your tractor to be serviced –

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And please contact a member of our service department here at R Kennedy for more information about maintaining tyre pressure.